The Hold Steady CD review by Troy Brookins

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The Hold Steady CD review by Troy Brookins
Aug 22, 2007, 08:13

The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America

THE HOLD STEADY Boys and Girls in America CD

Brooklyn based, but Minneapolis raised Craig Finn has brought the narrative since his days fronting the much loved and missed Lifter Puller. He has since flirted with New Yorker praise and Springsteen-like comparisons. All well deserved as Finn and his rummy crew The Hold Steady have served up three must-haves that rummage through coming of age stories spiked with drink, drugs, and Catholicism; giving John Hughes a run for his money. Somehow Finn remembers what it's like to be fifteen filtered through the lens of a thirty-something bringing you back to what it meant to be stuck in confusion and experimentation. The latest from The Hold Steady doesn't deviate—delivering tales of you against the world finding those that shared the same angst, compassion, joy, hopelessness, and a quick fix. This is all steadied by the straight-ahead timeless rock 'n' roll that anchors Finn's delivery.  The stories run from the strung-out horse betting girlfriend that has an uncanny knack to nail the ponies in “Chips Ahoy” to the Dave Pirner assisted tale of one-off teenage love found in the midst of a psychedelic comedown in “Chillout Tent” where the kids are given “oranges and cigarettes.” Boys and Girls in America comes across as genuine and sweet, never sounding canned or phony. It's a collective of experiences that's bound to resonate in anyone who has tried to find themselves when life is out of control. It's about all of us. [Vagrant]

-Troy Brookins

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