This Moment In Black History CD review [Coldsweat]

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This Moment In Black History CD review [Coldsweat]
Jul 20, 2007, 20:19


THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY It Takes A Nation of Assholes To Hold Us Back CD

Despite the provocative name—and the fact that half the band has black members—the hype that TMIBH may be the “new Bad Brains” is, well, hyperbolic. For starters, the singer and guitarist are both white. And there are no Afro-centric reggae tinges or Rasta-spiritual lyrics to make Caucasians worry about the impending collapse of their pale Babylon. So what is This Moment In Black History? A fucking kick-ass punk band from Ohio, that's what. Do you really need more than that? With all the manic spunk of (just-slightly-warped) hardcore and the twisting barbed-wire guitars of vintage post-punk, the quartet brings references like Scratch Acid, At the Drive-In, Drive Like Jehu, Nerve Agents and Fugazi to one's typing fingertips at various occasions during a spin of …Nation of Assholes. There are even occasional twirps of distorted synthesizer that recall fellow Ohioans Brainiac or the photon-ray robot angst of Lost Sounds and Six Finger Satellite. And TMIBH's live shows are notorious. You may not witness something as revolutionary as Bad Brains at CBGB circa '82. But you won't be bored, that's for sure. Pick this hot disc up, pronto, and check your local club calendar. [Coldsweat]

-J Graham

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