Unearth CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Unearth CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Sep 6, 2007, 03:13

Unearth - III: In the Eyes of Fire

UNEARTH III: In the Eyes of Fire CD

Unearth traffic in the kind of "serious" metal that I just can't take…seriously.  Musically, they've got some impressive chops, and the constantly-changing riffs demand some attention. Still, any kind of loud-soft, fast-slow dynamic is decidedly absent.  It's all 10 all the time, and a bit too much for my poor ears. The lyrics are a big downer, which could only be appreciated ironically by all but the most depressed head-banger living in his parent's basement. In the course of the first few songs, we learn that obsession is the falsest friend, a parade of chaos marches throughout the land, brotherhood can be sanctified and somebody gets forsaken in the eyes of fire (that happened to a friend of mine once, so I can sympathize with that one). Lighten up, Chuckles! Things can't be that bad.  Maybe you should think about buying a puppy or something. Until this band develops a sense of humor and some restraint, file under Queensryche on steroids. [Metal Blade]

-Brett Horn

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