Wolf Eyes CD review [Sub Pop]

WOLF EYES Human Animal CD

The hemorrhaging, blacked out gorilla rampages of the first (hundred or so) Wolf Eyes LPs seemed much like sport to me but whenever I spin any of the records that they've spit out since the double LP River Slaughter (January 2006), the listening room is left gassed by the lingering after-smell of cold sweat and singed filaments.

The first track, "A Million," places Human Animal in a slow-motion nightmare as someone, or worse, some THING pounds demandingly from within the speakers using a blunt implement. A phone rings and the empty, ominous space between summonses is shattered by the blood-curdling scream of John Olson's saxophone.

The rest of the record continues in a similar vein; with amplified boom echoes that trip synapse snapping burglar alarms. And vocals that vary from solitary mutterings to the hollers of a testifier who rants on while chewing on his tongue.

There's nothing vegetarian-like to be found on Human Animal... only the beauteously electrified meat-minds of a sleep-deprived trio of American heretics. [Sub Pop]

-Lord. Ouch

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