Yeah Yeah Yeahs CD EP reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs CD EP reviewed by Troy Brookins
Sep 4, 2007, 04:58

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - IS IS - EP


By now everyone has figured out that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are best served in small bites. Their early EPs are what put this band on the map and they haven't been able to live up to the hype since. Both Fever to Tell and Show Your Bones had their moments, but that's all they were—just a few great tracks lost in a sea of filler. Is Is gets back to why you liked this band in the first place, but interestingly enough, this isn't new material as it was written in 2004. This leads to the question: Are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs second-guessing themselves? They knew that the pressure was on with the Interscope deal. They were one of the first of their Brooklyn peers to land such a contract and all eyes were on them to perform. Besides “Maps” that whole Siouxsie influence denial thing didn't go over so well and you heard more about what Karen O was wearing on stage than you did about the music. Not a good thing unless you're Diana Ross. Fortunately, the five-track IS IS is something to talk about musically. They absolutely nail it and it makes you wonder what the fuck was going on with those full-lengths. Karen O has her primal squeal back and she uses it to the fullest while Nick Zinner claws the air with razor sharp chords and Brian Chase holds down the low end. It all comes together sonically and gives hope that the trio is on its way to finally blowing away all expectations. [Dress Up/Fiction]

-Troy Brookins

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