Year Long Disaster LP/CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Year Long Disaster LP/CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Sep 14, 2007, 02:47

Year Long Disaster - Year Long Disaster


A disconcerting disconnect happened when this three-piece made the walk from small-time touring outfit into a studio to record THE RECORD. Their raging Blackfoot-meets-1975 ZZ Top-meets-Mule sound musta run out the floorboards of their van on the way to the Big Time, because this is somewhat tepid compared to the demo YLD's bass player slipped me after a Midwestern tour stop two years ago. THAT was the shit, a stomping burst of blues-fire wrapped in passion and hunger. Some of these songs are the same, with some terrific production and the same throbbing voice, but where's the flame-thrower lick just before the vocal on “Destination?” Despite the hi-fi production job, the arrangements are diluted. Wiry guitar parts are erased in favor of chorus spots, drum fills are taken away and predictability has replaced the troubled, urgent rumble. And there are, God help us, ballads.

The band's lineage is impressive—YLD singer/guitarist is Daniel Davies, son of Kinks guy Dave Davies, bassist was in Dallas metalists Speedealer (and prior to that ahead of their time metal instrumentalists, Karma To Burn) and the drummer was in Third Eye Blind. Great combo, wild, unhinged sound. And the interesting past helps with the image: couple of music crackheads, Davies and bass player meet, party for months, bond, go into rehab—yes, I know, I hate a quitters, too—meet up with drummer, and rock out. Bad news is that this record reeks of music business bullshit, lacking much of the balls and outrage from that unmarked batch of tunes I was passed that evening in the summer of 2005. I still have that demo, too, no titles, just a slab of crazy making shit that rattles my windows every six months. This doesn't so much, and it sounds like it was run through that same blender that ruins most bands that want to  “make it.” YLD want to make it. I hope they don't, but instead hop in that van, play for 15 people each night and stay hungry. Yes, I'm that selfish. And YLD are that great. [Volcom Entertainment]



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