Carpathian Forest CD review [Season Mist America]

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Carpathian Forest CD review [Season Mist America]
Jan 10, 2007, 06:36



I'm not really a big fan of Norwegian black metal, but Carpathian Forest has caught my fancy. Who would have thought that a band in this scene would have a sense of humor? Most people know of black metal for the high-profile misdoings of some of its practitioners, most notably church burnings. It's hard to imagine the boys in Carpathian Forest participating in this kind of thing, but very easy to imagine that they may have been the first to jokingly suggest the idea after a night of drinking in a Norwegian bar. Beyond the rare element of something approaching a human form of personality, this disc gets extra points for a fairly nice sense of dynamics. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Carpathian Forest actually mixes up varying shades of extreme bleakness. These songs are most likely beyond the enjoyment of a casual metal listener, but it's a shot in the arm for anyone who digs the genre and appreciates its ultimate absurdities at the same time. Standout tracks include “Shut Up, There's No Excuse to Live” and “Submit to Satan!!!” (The three exclamation points being a nice sign of their touch, two wouldn't have been enough and four would have been too many). [Season Mist America]

-Brett Horn

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