Om / Current 93 CD EP review [Durtro]

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Om / Current 93 CD EP review [Durtro]
Jan 10, 2007, 06:32


OM / CURRENT 93 Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun CD EP

The simplest way I can describe Om is they're religious music for stoners. That may sound dismissive, but in my opinion, they are one of the best bands going right now and a leading example of why some of the most interesting music these days falls within that most maligned of genres, metal. Comprised of two-thirds of the doom kings Sleep, Om exceed anything they did in that legendary combo (what a harvest Sleep's breakup yielded, the remaining third, Matt Pike, having gone on to form the equally worthy High on Fire). This drum and bass duo are committed to claiming the power of amplification to compose hymns to the infinite. The riffs are loud, repetitive and complex yet single-minded, designed to induce a state of heavy meditation. Call it “metal-up-your-karma.” The lyrics sound vaguely mystical but don't yield any coherent meaning upon close inspection, which is probably for the best. The track is fairly short by Om's standards, clocking in at about 8-minutes, but I'll take what I can get.

I can't say much about the Current 93 track, except that it's quite the buzzkill. Featuring some obnoxious blathering about the Bible over dissonant feedback, it is best skipped, lest you harsh your Om vibe. It definitely harshed mine. [Durtro]

-Brett Horn

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