The Figgs CD review [Gern Blandsten]

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The Figgs CD review [Gern Blandsten]
Jan 17, 2007, 16:09


THE FIGGS Follow Jean Through The Sea CD

The Figgs never really got a fair shake, and because rock, by and large, is a young man's game, they probably never will. That's unfortunate, because they continue to be one of the most talented and overlooked rock bands to carry on the tradition of Elvis Costello, Big Star, and latter day Replacements. On Follow Jean Through The Sea, their seventh album, songwriting partners Pete Donnelly and Mike Gent roll out one hook-filled rocker after another, veering from Stones-y swagger (“opener “Breaking Through These Gates”) to pre-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tom Petty (“Jumping Again”), and still manage to shake things up a bit with “Chasing After Words,” a likely crowd favorite, which employs finger snapping and an a capella break.

Good pop rock is much harder to execute than it sounds. By nature, it relies almost exclusively on good melodies, and if those melodies don't grab the listener immediately, the song is a failure by its own merry design, so there are very few ‘growers' in the power pop canon. The Figgs deserve a place there, and while Follow Jean Through The Sea isn't even their best album, it is still definitely worth your time. And how many bands can you really say that about? [Gern Blandsten]

-James Jackson Toth

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