The Horrors CD EP reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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The Horrors CD EP reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Jan 17, 2007, 15:54

The Horrors - The Horrors - EP


You might hate The Horrors for the same reasons that you like them. They so perfectly mimic their influences, so expertly encapsulate everything cool about garage rock, goth, and punk, that it's easy to see the band as charlatans of the highest order, especially given their age (all born during the Reagan administration). But the fact is, this brief EP proves that the band can back up their calculated look with actual tunes. “Crawdaddy Simone” is a righteous blues in which singer Faris Badwan doesn't sing as much as he snarls the lyrics, while the background vocals taunt infectiously. “Sheena Is A Parasite,” at less than two minutes is the finest of the bunch, all frantic paranoid howl and Vox Continental bombast. A cover of Screaming Lord Sutch's “Jack The Ripper” makes perfect sense, as does the fact that they all look like Birthday Party-era Nick Cave in various states of disrepair. I'm sold. [Stolen Transmission]

-James Jackson Toth

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