Chuck Dukowski Sextet CD review [Nice and Friendly]

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Chuck Dukowski Sextet CD review [Nice and Friendly]
Jan 22, 2007, 05:38



Chuck Dukowski's (ex-Black Flag, Wurm, SWA) current combo is billed as a sextet but it's essentially a compact three piece fronted by vocalist Lora Norton. Saxophonist Lynn Johnston plays a key role here, replacing the guitar as lead instrument in many of the songs and acting as a foil to the guest guitarists in others.

Though the bands roots lie in improvisational music the songs on Eat My Life have compact structures. Norton's role varies between that of a melodic rock belter and a poet-in-heat but, oddly, her vocals are most expressive on the wordless, tuneless drone-ballad “The Hammer Will Fall.” The CD6 have horsepower enough to strand them selves on a peninsula of bombast but they also have a strong enough sense of direction to pull back when having max control of the wheel is in order. [Nice and Friendly]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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