Little Howlin Wolf LP review [Heresee]

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Little Howlin Wolf LP review [Heresee]
Jan 22, 2007, 05:23



Tonight when I get down on my knees I'll be thanking the Lawd for the phonograph record. A disc that can be turned over is the only appropriate way to capture the multiple sides of Little Howlin Wolf. Side one of Brave Nu World consists of five ursine ballads that prowl through the cabin shack cupboards of multiple generations of backwoods boogie chillen. Lock up your daughters and wives, Chicagoans, lest Wolf's next dinner be seasoned with a tastiness that comes from a sugar bowl that's been pilfered from your very own kitchen. Flip the record over and notice a different side of Little Howlin Wolf—one that is more bogey than boogie. Witness the thirteen minutes of abstract scat, woe-is-me oompah hymns that comprise the title song of Brave Nu World, his third long-player. Eighteen years and forty singles after first becoming known on the streets of Chicago; Little Howlin Wolf's (aka James Pobiega) night vision remains as x-ray as ever. [Heresee]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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