Non-Horse CS review [NotNotFun]

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Non-Horse CS review [NotNotFun]
Jan 22, 2007, 05:02



Non-Horse is the sound of Gabriel Lucas Crane (from the band Vanishing Voice) weaving together cassette recordings of sonic debris culled from magnetic fields of high tension wire scrambled daydreams. The A-side of the Rigor Lore cassette exhumes and condenses the infinite sounds of echoed heartbeats, friction, detuned shortwave transmissions, and half-remembered fright night soundtracks. Side B, a live recording, sounds more intense; like a bulldozer plowing through the bowels of mission control; rattling chains, mangling steely architectural supports and triggering a recital of motion detectors and fire alarms. Non-Horse busts through the threshold of sublimity. like turning vapor into concrete. [NotNotFun]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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