Shareefa CD review [Def Jam]

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Shareefa CD review [Def Jam]
Jan 22, 2007, 05:46


SHAREEFA Point of No Return CD

Every now and then I'll be driving down the highway listening to something other than NPR and a new voice will just leap out of the speakers and demand my undivided attention.  This was the case the first time I heard Shareefa's first single “I Need A Boss.”  Kinda like a gangsta Beyonce, this Dirty South girl ain't at all afraid to tell a wannabe thug nigga to just back the fuck up and kick it to the curb.  With production help (and a guest cameo) by Ludacris, the hook from “I Need A Boss” is just straight-up bangin'!  Sounds wicked in a club too, kid.  The second single “Cry No More” shows great promise as well.  By the time she gets to the last verse and the loop goes all Young Jeezy on us, we're sold.  This is a woman who is gonna be around for awhile.  In a world full of r'n'b chicks all rushin' to Xerox the predictable template, 'reefa sounds honest and real.  While Beyo sings about Gucci purses and getting her nails done, Shareefa is dropping lines about seeing kids gettin' shot on her front steps.  It's almost enough to bring tears to your eyes.  And while the rest of her debut album is a kinda hit and miss, it's got a $9.99 price point (at Target, anyway) to help minimize your salad commitment.  Shareefa—remember that name, because hers is a voice that's gonna be stuck in your ears for years.  Let's hope this girl can continue to keep it real in the meantime... [Def Jam/Disturbin' Tha Peace]

-Jeff Liles

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