Theo Angell CD review [Amish]

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Theo Angell CD review [Amish]
Jan 24, 2007, 22:39


THEO ANGELL Dearly Beloved CD

Dearly Beloved is the solo offering from former Hall of Fame and Jackie O' Motherfucker member Theo Angell. While Angell's previous outfits were mostly an acquired taste, Dearly Beloved finds itself somewhere between the softer sides of Akron/Family and Sun City Girls; proving to be surprisingly accessible. But don't expect concession because Angell has never been afraid to take risks and his solo work is no different as he comfortably jumps around from the lo-fi techno-folk of “Cannonball” to the haunting campfire sounds of both “Thread of Grace” and “Finally…Dreams” while managing to push things just far enough. The best part about listening to Dearly Beloved is how you feel challenged without feeling stupid. You don't have to pretend to like it for the sake of liking it and your girlfriend won't make funny faces when you put it on. Likely to be lumped in with the freak-folk fold, Theo Angell is more than that since he's been making music that both defined and shattered genres before anyone knew what to call it. [Amish]

-Troy Brookins

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