Paul Wall 12" review [SwishaHouse]

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Paul Wall 12" review [SwishaHouse]
Jan 30, 2007, 16:29


PAUL WALL “Break 'Em Off” 12”

Now this shit is more like it!  While the ongoing disease of commercial hip-hop continues to spread retarded rap bacteria like “Walk It Out” and “This is Why I'm Hot,” this white kid from Houston, TX steps up the plate and drops the sickest shit I've heard on the radio in YEARS.  Last years' “Sittin' Sideways” and “They Don't Know” only hinted at the unsurpassed lyrical dexterity of Paul Wall, baby.  Every line of “Break 'Em Off” is just pure fuckin' genius.  The loop and groove is slow and low, a dedication and homage to his mentor, the late DJ Screw. That nigga Lil' Keke contributes the second verse, reppin' tha Dirty-Dirty for all the H-Town Ballers and Mannie Fresh is still rock hard on the console.  Jesus Christ!  I can't tell you how massive this record sounds on a head full of purple Kush, kid.   The new album drops on April 3 and if this single is any indication of what we have to look forward to, the rest of these weak-ass motherfuckers can just go ahead and start lookin' for a day job.  “Higher than a satellite, crawlin' like a baby, maneuverin' through the traffic like I'm Tracy McGrady...” Hell yeah. [SwishaHouse]

-Jeff Liles

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