Decoder Ring CD review [Bella Union]

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Decoder Ring CD review [Bella Union]
Feb 14, 2007, 09:09



You could say Decoder Ring's Somersault plays like a film soundtrack, but in truth movie scores seldom sound as fully realized as this and typically the individual compositions thereon are not as lovingly resolved as these tracks.

But Somersault IS mainly comprised of lacey, atmospheric instrumentals with a few tracks boasting vocals sprinkled in for variety. All of it's very 90's sounding (is there a Rhino box yet?), navigating a course from dreamy, crystal-chandelier trip-hop to woozy shoegazery to petite post-electronica ambient (as opposed to the more academic and ambitious 70's genre). All this is intently pretty, delicately writ and definitively gorgeous.

Yes, if I was running a bathwares shop in a quaint tourist-destination town I'd probably CrazyGlu this into the CD player [Bella Union]

-Howard Wuelfing

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