Landing CD review [Strange Attractors]

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Landing CD review [Strange Attractors]
Feb 14, 2007, 09:12



Landing's Brocade totally hit me as a bolt form the blue: utterly stunning; it left me breathless. Brocade is a perfectly realized recombinant beast brewed from elements of Frippertronics, Neu, ambient Eno, Cluster, early Kraftwerk, etc. All those folks were fellow travelers of course, but the particular concotion essayed here never actually happened (the Eno/Cluster collaborations are one oeuvre not dealt).

All selections are instrumentals save “How to Be Clear,” a slice of blustery vintage shoe gazing. “Left” starts out with mutedly repeated rhythm riffing over Spartan percussion straight off Neu! That slowly accretes additional layers of said riffery, as well as warbley synth elaborations thereon, creating thoroughly mesmerizing results. “You” combines a pointillist keyboard loop, ala prime Kraftwerk, with keening Frippertastic guitar exultations that keep determinedly multiplying till they're a mighty host. “Spiral Arms” features quiet guitar arpeggios that become inexorably intertwined, then overrun with trooping Fripp-y buzz lines—this could easily have been an outtake from Evening Star.

I do hate to name drop so wantonly, but the influences are brazen and wielded with obvious love, skill and vision that easily equals the original artifacts. [Strange Attractors Audio House]

-Howard Wuelfing

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