The Black Angels CD review [Light in The Attic]

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The Black Angels CD review [Light in The Attic]
Feb 14, 2007, 09:23



You don't have to dig too far back to remember Texas as a noteworthy home to homegrown psychedelic rock. Roky Erikson's 13th Floor Elevators were from Austin, as were the kings of psychedelic punk, the Butthole Surfers. And now The Black Angels have arrived in the same grand tradition but with a heavier, more droning influence that brings to mind bands like Spacemen 3 and Velvet Underground (yes, I said it). The band's name is in fact a derivative of the VU song Black Angels Death Song from their classic 1967 debut.

Following the critically lauded self-titled EP, Passover is The Black Angels' first full length, and is—in spite of the obvious references to the aforementioned bands above—completely worth every minute.

The record manages to strike a balance between the incendiary and the hypnotic, delivering a heavy, droning pop that would make Brian Jonestown Massacre more than a little envious. Equal parts heroin and peyote, Passover slithers into dark territory pushing against the more uncomfortable side of psychedelia. This is not a particularly flowery trip: it is instead a cautionary tale that reflects a darker psychedelia that seems unique to Texas bands. Passover is potent stuff, and a record worthy of the bands' live performances too. [Light in the Attic]

-Daniel House

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