The Gersch CD review [Tortuga]

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The Gersch CD review [Tortuga]
Feb 14, 2007, 09:16



The Gersch are for initiates only—diehard, committed metal heads. Their vocabulary is entirely drawn from said canon and their strategic departures from convention would only be apparent to those intimately familiar with the basic format to begin with.  This comprises classic Sabbatical, dark-hued riff rock—nothing more or less. The departures? The Gersch seem dogmatically committed to mid-range and high-end frequencies, eschewing deep bass all together. They also tend to keep timbres particularly raw, splayed and on the point of sputtering.  From the amp buzz that ends many songs this clearly was achieved by playing-loud-in-a-room rather than playing Pro-tools games.  The Gersch are relative Luddites. Their songwriting is a lot less obviously contrived than Wolfmother's and more old school than The Mass's while using the same stylistic lexicon.

Ultimately, it's all worthy if this genre's your bag to begin but it ain't one of those boundary leaping must-haves, such as High On Fire or Mastodon. [Tortuga]

-Howard Wuelfing

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