New Zealand guitarist Dean Roberts emerged on the out-rock landscape as a member of mid-90’s trio Thela; from there, he recorded three glorious, mainly instrumental discs under the moniker White Winged Moth. In 1998, he shifted gears somewhat, stepping out as a solo artist with Moth Park and taking things in more muted, droney direction (All Cracked Medias, And The Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema, and Aluminum, a collaboration with Austria’s Werner Dafeldecker, followed.) Be Mine Tonight continues the drift with sublime results, clocking in at a mere 35 minutes but delivering three lengthy tracks of atmospheric transcendence.

Recorded in Italy with a trio of inspired native improvisers, the evocatively named set is a late-night, low-key stunner, one that sees Roberts contributing piano, bass, percussion, harmonium, glass harmonica, and frosted-breath vocals alongside his trademark moody guitar textures. On the opening opus, “All Pidgins Sent to War, Palace of Adrenaline V. & E.E.,” lovelorn piano and delicate cymbal washes run together with Roberts’ watery, gray strumming, his whispered wordage wafting like early morning fog. Admirers of Jandek, Barrett-era Floyd, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, prepare to be soaked in blissful somnolence. [Kranky]

-Peter Aaron


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