Gang of Four CD review [V2]

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Gang of Four CD review [V2]
Mar 9, 2007, 16:13


GANG OF FOUR Return the Gift CD

Modern recordings of old songs = better production and a less-than jubilant performance. It's like that yen some of us have to return to high school using the wisdom of years. It shows right away on the guitar feedback of “To Hell with Poverty,” which glimmers better than the original, since guitarist Andy Gill has had the time to learn control of the squeals. Age adds something in that regard, not to mention the capabilities of 21st century technology. And Gill has, over the years, done some strong work in film scores and production. Long may he run in that arena. Seems odd that he would have felt compelled to do this.

Gang of Four had its best run from 1979 and the release of Entertainment through 1981's Solid Gold. It was a good streak of guitar blitz, shouted revolution and dancy tub thumping. Then the creative streak ended and the guys tried to recycle past glories and churned out way too much product. It's too bad they haven't moved forward, but they are in some pretty good company, that crowd of once-weres who crave old glories. Name five and win a bar bet. [V2]


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