The Ponys CD review [Matador]

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The Ponys CD review [Matador]
Mar 19, 2007, 04:35


PONYS Turn The Lights Out CD

The Ponys' debut long-player, Laced With Romance on In The Red set the tone for a snotty, garage based, post-punk ride that immediately hooked you with a raw sense of cool and swagger. They displayed a balance of quirky deliveries and sharp edges that unapologetically hit on all the right echoes from the past. Ian Adams' Pete Shelley was a perfect match for Jared Gummere's Richard Hell and while hokey on paper, they made it work. The following year saw the release of the Albini produced Celebration Castle; a solid record that turned heads and proved that the Ponys were no fluke. Early into the release, Adams left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by guitarist Brian Case (formerly of Chicago's 90 Day Men). While Adams' contributions helped define and balance the Ponys, they are immediately forgotten as you run into the wall of sound created by the twin guitar assault of Gummere and Case. It's an exclamation point that swirls in sonic induced psych layers, reverb, and fuzz. The addition of Case adds a density to the Ponys that allows the band to continue to define their sound as it still feels like they're coming into their own. Many are still waiting for the Ponys to truly break out and make the record they have always sounded capable of making; a record that doesn't necessarily rely too much on influence. Turn The Lights Out is sure to bring comparisons to certain periods of Sonic Youth. While it wouldn't be an exaggeration to do so, it certainly doesn't overshadow the record as a whole. Turn The Lights Out is far more than the sum of its influences. It's an infectious bounce that makes you want to nod along to every twist and turn, it's a record that begs to be played louder than the neighbors can stand, and it's four kids from Chicago who have plenty of room to grow. [Matador]

-Troy Brookins

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