Hella CD EP review [5 Rue Christine]

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Hella CD EP review [5 Rue Christine]
Mar 21, 2007, 20:26


HELLA Acoustics CD

An obvious, “in between” release that shows the duo (which has now expanded to five members) redoing six old tracks sans electricity. Don't expect me to complain however, as this crazy ass curlicue of a band entertains me in all aspects. Hella recreates the older tunes (from “Hold Your Horse Is” and “The Devil Isn't Red”) with such accuracy that you might be boggled if you are familiar with the originals. Certainly gives plenty of credence to the fact that these two are extremely good at what they do and not some one-take wonders having a good time with packed together ideas. Not a starting point for new fans, but this is worth more than just a fan collector's item, too. [5 Rue Christine]

-Les Scurry

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