Monotract CD review [Ecstatic Peace]

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Monotract CD review [Ecstatic Peace]
Mar 21, 2007, 20:23



Can't get my clammy hand around this—which is a bit surprising as I tend to dig spazz-grit. Part improvised, part noise creation and free jazz, this trio tend to wander a bit in their style of attack. That's my chief complaint; there is a lack of flow here. Xpmntl Lvrs doesn't reflect the band's style shifts from electronic to modified instruments compositionally. I imagine this would work grand in a live setting, the furious black cloud of noise being topped with Nancy Garcia's choppy vocals and the band writhing about the stage, but when you sit down and listen to this, you are left with a lack of depth. Even though this band has been at it almost a decade, it still seems like they are finding their way. [Ecstatic Peace]

-Les Scurry

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