Terminal Sound System CD review [Extreme]

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Terminal Sound System CD review [Extreme]
Mar 28, 2007, 02:12



Terminal Sound System's preceding full-length, Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon, came courtesy of Hive Records, a New York label best known for concussive industrial pummeling and darkstep techno aggression. But break open the CD's plastic seal and, instead of an explosive blast to the kneecaps, you got something that sounded more like naptime on Neptune: sleepy floating synths of refractive crystalline ice, empty vacuum spaces, and no real beats to speak of (unless you counted the flickering crackles and pops that resembled asteroid dust drifting into your eardrums).

On Compressor, the slow-motion orbits don't speed up much, but TSS mastermind Skye Klein at least pierces the glacial surface with a few drum hits and bass abrasions here and there. These percussive punctures often seem to come at random, though, neither settling into a claustrophobic locked groove (like Scorn) nor rattling your nerves in voltaic spasms (like Venetian Snares). The sudden flares of drum and bass come out of the dark, animate the surrounding space for a moment, then recede back into the blackness...and you're left alone again with the frigid glaciers and glitches. [Extreme]

-J Graham

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