The Comas CD review [Vagrant]

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The Comas CD review [Vagrant]
Mar 28, 2007, 02:23



This fourth album from The Comas marks their first album on their new label, Vagrant, the same label that has seen recent success with The Hold Steady and by the looks of it, they may be able to do the same with this band, another group going against the grain.

Whereas hooky songs and distortion pedals often seem to be the kiss of death in the school of cool, The Comas deliver an album that opens with both. It will be interesting to see how this album echoes through those school hallways, but I'm on the PA right now letting everyone know this is a well-written and well-recorded collection of guitar driven pop songs.

Admittedly, I do find myself wanting more of the band's softer side when hearing “I Am Spider" after the two very amplified openers. As I found with their last album, not every song does it for me but there is a nice dynamic variety here and some truly fantastic gems live on this record. “Thistledown,” a melodic Beatles-esque song, works like a charm with Andy Herod's voice. “After the Glow” is another quiet number that warms the skin with its soothing melodies and production. “Come On My Sunshine” has a nice bed of fuzzy distortion underneath the melodic vocals, which probably comes closest to the song “Employment” from their last album.

The Comas are an extremely promising band that deserve to be heard and this album is yet another solid body of work. When it delivers, it delivers big. Let's just hope the bullies don't steal their lunch money. [Vagrant]

-Jason C.

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