The Terminals CD review [Dead Beat]

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The Terminals CD review [Dead Beat]
Apr 2, 2007, 04:42


THE TERMINALS Forget About Never CD

Not to be confused with the legendary New Zealand rock band of the same name (shame on you), Lincoln, Nebraska's Terminals follow a well worn trajectory set forth by the likes of 68 Comeback and Oblivians, but execute this brand of uppity garage rock well enough to earn a place amongst their heroes. The tones are filthy in all the right ways, with the organ often sounding as if it were taken straight from a lost ? and The Mysterians single. The Terminal's new spin on the old formula is most interesting on their cover of The Castaways “Liar, Liar,” which is suitably blown out and just goofy enough. The male / female vocals—one part Lux Interior, two parts riot grrrl—are snarled, the drums have all the primal immediacy of a troglodyte on diet pills, and the overall effect is total whitewash. Fans of Coachwhips, Hospitals, et al would be strongly advised to pick this up, skipping a meal or two if necessary. [Dead Beat]

-James Jackson Toth

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