George Brigman CD review [Bona Fide]

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George Brigman CD review [Bona Fide]
Apr 4, 2007, 05:18



Legendary guitarist George Brigman returns with his first new LP in 25 years, and it quite remarkably picks up exactly where his oft-bootlegged boogie-psych classic Jungle Rot leaves off. On each of these eleven tunes, Brigman retains the artless approach to virtuosic guitar playing that is his trademark, but his songs have a decidedly nastier feel this time around, perhaps owing to the years he spent getting mercilessly ripped off by unscrupulous labels. But while the general mood of the album is bitter and uncompromising, lighter moments like the breezy instrumentals “Donna Leigh” and “No More Humans” are welcome respites and showcase Brigman's playing, which has only improved over the years. His Fred Cole-like dedication to an aesthetic would be noble enough even if the album didn't rock so mightily, but rock it does. In short, Rags in Skull is everything The Stooges' bogus ‘reunion' album should have been but wasn't, and very near the top of a relatively short list of essential 2007 releases thus far. [Bona Fide]

-James Jackson Toth

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