The Spores CD review [SideCho]

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The Spores CD review [SideCho]
Apr 4, 2007, 16:48


THE SPORES Imagine The Future CD

The Spores are a stylish but ragtag collection of real people and mechanized puppet characters. Primarily the creative vision of Canadian visual artist Molly McGuire and Los Angeles-based musician/producer Greg “Stunbunny” Biribauer, this mushroom crew has been blurring the line between sonic bliss and 3D performance art for a little over a year now. This debut is aesthetically all over the map, and the overwhelming diversity of approach here hints at infinite possibility.  Fans of Bjork or Nina Hagen will feel right at home with tracks like “Veal,” “Love My Mind” and the title track, and those of you who grew up on Monster Magnet and Queens of the Stone Age will dig where “Heat Seeker” and “Big Brother” are coming from. “Moon Shine Down” is funky without being obviously derivative. (Just shut up and dance, shoegazer.) McGuire's voice is flexible and sexy, and her bass guitar tone sounds like a fuckin' tank. Biribauer's arrangements are curiously inventive and wonderfully incorporate “found” sounds from children's toys and kitchen gadgetry. The track with the broadest potential appeal is “(Don't) Kill Yourself,” a perfect pop song (re: sing-along chorus, succinct arrangement) that encourages the listener to cash in their chips (or not) whenever the going gets rough; Hard not to dig it, just catchy as fuck. Of course, you can't really experience the Spores puppet scene without going to the show, but this album shows that it's their music that will ultimately lay the bedrock for their legacy. A great first album, and I can't wait to hear what they come up with next. [SideCho]

-Jeff Liles

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