TV on the Radio CD EP review [Amoeba]

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TV on the Radio CD EP review [Amoeba]
Apr 6, 2007, 04:48


TV ON THE RADIO Live at Amoeba Music CDEP

TV on the Radio was one of those bands that you raved about with the exception of their live shows. That was the one weak spot in a band that has so few. Early offerings were dubbed disastrous and rightfully so as the band could not convey on stage what they had captured in the studio. Fortunately that has changed since the release of Return to Cookie Mountain. The band now radiates as a tight collective, delivering a sonic wash that upstages the studio output and is absolutely commanding. Captured during one of Amoeba's free live in-store appearances, TV on the Radio shows how far they've come since those early missteps. While this EP will never replace the experience of being there, it's not a bad substitute. All four tracks come from Return to Cookie Mountain, which is a bit of a disappointment since it would be nice to hear how some of the earlier material comes off live. But really, it's TV on the Radio done well and that really doesn't leave much room to bitch. The limited EP is only available at the three Amoeba locations or through their website. It's a thirty-day run and that's it, so get on your horse before they're gone. [Amoeba]

-Troy Brookins

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