Converge CD review [Epitaph]

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Converge CD review [Epitaph]
Apr 9, 2007, 06:26



Converge got their start by distilling a genre based on prior work by Neurosis, Today is the Day, Deadguy, and Dazzling Killmen. It's not unlike what Unwound accomplished by hybridizing Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and Nirvana. After several promising early works, Converge introduced a more economical The Jesus Lizard-like sensibility to their grind on career masterpiece Jane Doe; the sound finally crystallized and their place in the history of great hardcore was ensured. On their latest disc, No Heroes, The Jesus Lizard cues become a refined sensibility, rather than plagiarism or hero worship. In fact, this is the most mature album the group has made, substituting repetition and sustainable hooks for the thrashing spasms and cathartic noise-squalls which made them infamous in the first place. So the number of riffs has decreased considerably, but the quality hasn't diminished one iota. The majority of the album is comprised of severely heavy one-to-two minute gems surrounding the massive and darkly melodic centerpiece “Grim Heart / Black Rose.”

Few bands this popular are in such total command of their aesthetic. When I see teenage mallrats wearing expensive Converge hoodies, it actually gives me hope for the future. What Bad Religion did for 80's punk, Converge does for the blackened new century. This music is unadulterated by ego or greed. This music will last forever. [Epitaph]

-Nathan Carson

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