Pere Ubu CD review [Smog Veil]

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Pere Ubu CD review [Smog Veil]
Apr 13, 2007, 15:59


PERE UBU Why I Hate Women CD

At two points during an afternoon listen, I was stopped by the succinct noise exercise, once on “Love Song” and again on “Texas Overture.” These are moments that can take you back to the Ubu that really made it work, with The Modern Dance and Dub Housing creating a genre of their own, one in which quaking scree from a synth makes Eno sound like Denny McLain at the organ. Why I Hate Women has the togetherness of older Ubu, even as founder and sole remaining original member David Thomas appears to now run the whole show. To have something like this in him 30-plus years hence is impressive in its own right; I saw Rocket From the Tomb in DC on their first reunion jaunt and Thomas sat on a chair through the entire set, hammering Bud bottles and nipping from a flask. I thought it was about time for him to cash out, but then he comes with this, reminding us that while three decades is back there, sometimes an old timer still kicks it and remembers what it was like to have the strength to create something truly fine. Dissonance, always an Ubu friend, clears the air when it needs to (“Two Girls (One Bar)”) and math rock rhythms (“Mona”) strike as adroitly as they did when the Ubu concept was young and vibrant. [Smog Veil]


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