Thee More Shallows CD review [Anticon]

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Thee More Shallows CD review [Anticon]
Apr 16, 2007, 04:24



Thee More Shallows' More Deep Cuts was one of the special treats from 2005 (see previous review), so I was excited when the follow-up, Book of Bad Breaks fell into my lap. This new record it turns out is a considerable departure from that previous release I loved so much. As fans, we don't tend to like our heroes to stray too far from their ‘sound'; we like them to stay in that safe familiar place that we already know and love. Thee More Shallows' music however, has little to do familiarity or safe places—their sound is fuzzy, disquieting and oddly subterranean, and Book of Bad Breaks is something of a contradiction, one that took a LOT of listening to, to finally wrap my head around. Ultimately it's a pop record, but is not particularly rife with hooks: it's minimalist by nature and yet has complex, almost orchestral atmospherics; it buzzes with a quirky melodicism that can slide seamlessly into the eerie buzz saw stuff that dark dreams are made of; it is sweet and sinister.

Book of Bad Breaks is not an easy record, but pays off in the end. It is complex, textured, deceptive, and in the final assessment, a sublimely understated masterpiece. [Anticon]

~Daniel House

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