Joanna Newsom CD EP review [Drag City]

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Joanna Newsom CD EP review [Drag City]
Apr 23, 2007, 03:38



The gushing that follows each Joanna Newsom release is laughable and perplexing. How are so many falling for an afternoon at the renaissance fair? Where are the fairies? Is Middle Earth doomed? I can't escape the squeak and squelch of Newsom's delivery---a grating blend of Kate Bush and Bjork that is soulless. The Society for Creative Anachronism has found its heroine. Wizards and druids everywhere are rejoicing. The Knights of the Round Table raise their mead in celebration. A pluck of the harp and the 14th Century is revisited. It's all suspect and I'm not buying. This is not a revolution, it's an exercise in tolerance and my patience has worn thin. There's nothing redeemable in Newsom's repertoire, it's a downhill slide that embodies Barnum's philosophy that there's a sucker born every minute. [Drag City]

-Troy Brookins

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