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Cemetery Man FILM review
Apr 24, 2007, 04:08


CEMETERY MAN directed by Michele Soavi; 1996, October Films

Grounds keeper by day, exterminator by night, Francesco Dellamorte and his faithful, slobbering, grunting hunchback assistant (what else?) have their hands full. The problem is that the grounds of the Buffalora Cemetery, entrusted to their care, is over-run with dead bodies that don't want to stay that way.

The Italians, long known for the artsy quality they bring to their brand of horror show buffoonery also like to pile heaps, and heaps of splatter on to the plate (much like spaghetti, no?). If you haven't seen anything by Bova, Fulchi or any of Argento's early works you haven't seen a foreign horror movie, and it is the quality standard of those works which initially brought my attention to Soavi's. Unfortunately, aside from the lovely nude appearance by Anna Falchi (WOW!), and Francois Hadji-Lazaro's hilarious portrayal of the hunchback, Cemetery Man is top heavy with lots of good ideas but there is no thread or continuity holding it all together; ultimately you just get too frustrated to give a damn. Shame too, because neither the T&A, nor the bits of comedy (all good) could keep my finger off of the fast forward button. Destined to collect dust on the shelves of video emporiums everywhere.

-Peter Davis

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