Frank London CD review [Soundbrush]

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Frank London CD review [Soundbrush]
Apr 25, 2007, 01:19


FRANK LONDON A Night in the Old Marketplace CD

Frank London's eclectic release should appeal to anyone with a love for—or just curiosity about—old world ethnic musical tradition with a touch of Broadway theatrics.

Created for Alexandra Aron's theatrical adaptation of a 100-year-old Yiddish ghost tale, the record—draped with tubas, accordions, mandolins—conjures up images of candlelit, cobblestone streets where bearded men in funny hats sing grave tales of woe.

Checking jazz, classical, klezmer and musical “rock,” this ambitious, original score offers reverent contributions from such acclaimed musicians as They Might be Giants, Celtic singer Susan McKeown and The Klezmatics Lorin Sklamberg.

This record is bound to make any unsuspecting listener ask questions, even if it's just “What the hell IS this?” [Soundbrush]

-Michael Coleman

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