The New Lou Reeds CD review [Exit Stencil]

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The New Lou Reeds CD review [Exit Stencil]
May 4, 2007, 05:44



Lou will likely never hear his namesake band, and it's too bad. Nothing better than to witness an uptight-East Coaster in the throes of misery induced by some Midwesterners bent on musical sacrilege. Top Billin' a scattershot array of noise that has nothing in common with Reed, of course, but nods to Credence, Big Star and the cheaper moments of Crazy Horse abound. And they truly do wish they were White Hassle/Railroad Jerk and any other quirky, solid twang-bent outfit, and are decidedly not. The New Lou Reeds hail from Cleveland but lack the damage of their city ancestors, unless the chirping voice of voc/guitarist Stephe DK sends you back to David Thomas. And even if it does, TNLR are lacking the chops to deliver a suitably bluesy-noise frame for the weirdness. [Exit Stencil]


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