Audionom CD review by Steve Miller

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Audionom CD review by Steve Miller
May 7, 2007, 03:12

Audionom - Retrospektiv

AUDIONOM Retrospektiv CD

A grinding, distortion smack-up that leans a Kraut-rock jam session via Sweden. A pummeling mosaic of mostly-instrumental drivers, armed with Euro-discipline. When vocals are used, they are pushed 80s-style via a synth line backing and a voice that appears from the bottom of the mix with the Factory sound stamped all over it. Joy Division or New Order both stand flattered. Audionom are legends in their homeland, formed in 1999, and have come up with a release that sticks in a way that The Mass LP did, or even the Rema Rema EP did. Early 4AD is also fondly recalled. Move over Marco, there are some kids in Stockholm who are stealing your licks. [Kemado]



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