Old Man Gloom CD review [Tortuga]

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Old Man Gloom CD review [Tortuga]
Jun 4, 2007, 05:55



The single most striking feature of Old Man Gloom's Christmas is the juxtaposition of good, crunchy contempo-metallese with increasingly longer and longer ambient interludes. Frankly, their rocking is able-bodied but not especially innovative or super distinctive—but if this played over the house PA at a Trivium concert you wouldn't complain.  Likewise the soundscapery is standard-issue drones and hums and drifting cloudbanks of gauzy melody.  It's the combo that grabs your attention coz it is unlikely to begin with.  Subsequently, each style throws the other into strategic relief, highlighting their respective virtues.  Additionally, as the album progresses, the ambient segments get really, Really, REALLY long to the point that you wind up forgetting there's rock action afoot in the first place. Then suddenly “WHAM!” it's back with a resounding thud.  The affect handily challenges the attention span as well, especially—I'd speculate—if you bought this looking to rock out. You do get to rock, but ya gotta learn more and more patience as you go along; a strange and cool premise for structuring a metal album per se. [Tortuga]

-Howard Wuelfing

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