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SSM CD review [Alive]
Jun 4, 2007, 06:04



Summer is starting, the Tigers are losing a blue streak and it's taking a little more to get the ball rolling on some of this stack of CDs I have here in my heavy-duty industrial space. With the going rate for these little write-ups coming to only $43.51—which is the lowest union scale—I'd rather head down to the local watering hole, the one with the patio that overlooks the Grand River, drink beer and read the Wall Street Journal. Unless there's something that really flies—say, for example, the new Marilyn Manson—I'm not all that interested in these untested and unwashed bands from places like Ohio or Sweden or wherever. It's the same thing, right? (Just that in once place you control your destiny, the other the government does.)

But soldiering on, I know this CD is fairly good. People around here in Michigan tell me so, and SSM are from 80 miles east down I-96, in Detroit.

But on first and second plays, nothing. It takes five listens to even get interested. SSM join a spate of bands that admirably mesh fat guitars and thick synth waves. Like LCD Soundsystem and Crystal Method, SSM carves a nice slab of space age, toss in some groovy drum machine/live drummer licks and bring the noise. They diddle admirably on “Ain't Love” and make me wanna see them live on “Viking's Daughter.” Still this is no Add N to X.

The guys in SSM, if you didn't recognize their names—and tell the truth, I didn't cuz I don't give half a fuck about that pop culture “Detroit garage” garbage—are from bands of that trendy ilk including The Hentchmen and Cyril Lords. This is much better than anything that has come out of that silly little blip though, a blip which did end up making a fortune for some folks, including a special duo that promptly became self-conscious and platinum and moved to Tennessee.

SSM, which appear altogether like a side-project/afterthought of a coupla pretty lame bands, do a great job of making this blare real. Now if we could just get them to quit their day jobs. [Alive]


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