Pissed Jeans CD review [Sub Pop]

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Pissed Jeans CD review [Sub Pop]
Jun 6, 2007, 05:37



Beautiful. Wrapped in a tidy package, Pissed Jeans are Drunks with Guns (“Secret Admirer,” “Fantasy World”), Wiseblood (“Scrapbooking,” “My Bed”), Bastards (“I'm Turning Now”). If you are: a) smart enough to know who these bands are and; b) wise enough to know that this kinda stuff will make your life worth living—this CD will make a difference. Anyone who cops on those influences in such a sincere way deserves praise, despite their ridiculous band name. I made a copy for some friends, so impressed I was with this gutbucket froth. Pull furiously on that Marb, tip slightly on that cup of vodka and cranberry, and let it seethe. Anger is truly energy. [Sub Pop]


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