Stereolab CD review [Too Pure]

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Stereolab CD review [Too Pure]
Jun 6, 2007, 05:29



This is an amusing trifle. As the title implies, Stereolab's 3 x 7” is a CD compilation of a trio of vinyl releases. It's all very Continental and all very 60's. The spirit of the High Llamas' Sean O' Hagan hangs heavy over several tracks, most especially the “Kyberneticka Babicka Parts 1 & 2” which sounds for all the world like the bridge of some lost Smile outtake looped and set to repeat unto infinity—a keen exercise in avant subversion of loving classicism. “Plastic Mile” is a slice of vintage Parisian pop—a serpentine melodic spine wrapped in a chiming vocal round. “I Was a Sunny Rainphase” runs the archetypal New Wave gambit taking a kitschy garage rock composing conceit and adding ironic detachment via space age electronics technology; there's the double irony here of the analogue synthesizers themselves being relics now. The closing tracks are in a similar vein with “Interlock” including a dash of soulful, if arid, rhythm guitar and funky Afro-horns while “Visionary Roadmaps” reprises the simple joys of white R&B taking its first steps towards originality via Del Shannon's “Runaway” et al. [Too Pure]

-Howard Wuelfing

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