Explosions In The Sky CD review [Temporary Residence]

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Explosions In The Sky CD review [Temporary Residence]
Jun 7, 2007, 05:31


EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone CD

Modern new age music is upon us. Whether the artists will admit to creating such a thing and calling it that or "post-rock" doesn't really matter because those that embrace this Gestalt for the ears probably have never heard of Mogwai and consider Sigur Ros some kind of divine musical intervention despite the music's closer resemblance to Shadowfax. This is all well and good, but Explosions In The Sky's heavy borrowing from both Brian Eno and George Winston alike versus their confusion over minor dynamics with different shades of musical wallpaper and liberating all of the ambience without any of the atmosphere, leaves for a very hollow and one dimensional listening experience.

Pointing out that there are very few explosions heard on this CD is rather nitpicky and cruel, but while the music is certainly pretty and pleasant, even sparkly, it's also downright boring and, again, wouldn't be out of place in the Windham Hill catalogue. Perhaps the songs on All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone are meant to work as a unified theme as the entire album appears to be in the same key and maintains the exact same guitar tones throughout. Also, no clue is given as to when it might offer the listener something other than borrowed sections from Rhys Chatham's back catalogue. That's great guys, but so what? Piano and backwards guitar is thrown in here and there, but again, that's the extent of the changes.

So while at least the over the top tactics of prog-rock groups such as Gentle Giant had a suggestion of balls, and even The Durutti Column could offer up texture when it was veering close to smooth jazz, Explosions In The Sky seem to be aiming for that great Volkswagon commercial in the sky. Perhaps this music would indeed work better on a car stereo during a drive through rugged terrain, or as a sampler for TV executives to use for potential documentaries on the nymph cycle of the cicada, but why then would one want to make music solely for that purpose? Hey, at least it's recorded fairly well. [Temporary Residence Ltd.]

-Nick Blakey

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