Vlor CD review [Silber]

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Vlor CD review [Silber]
Jun 8, 2007, 05:43


VLOR A Fire is Meant for Burning CD

Guitarist Brian John Mitchell of Remora, Small Life Form, and other sundry units of musical attribution has assembled a nice set of peri-ambient instrumentals (save for one track featuring the diaphanous vocals of Jessica Bailiff) in the form of A Fire is Meant for Burning. The 12 tracks improvised herein by Mitchell and his six collaborators resonate most clearly as incidental soundtrack scores, with no particular unifying motif other than subdued, pastoral melodies of the horizon-gazing variety. This sameness is either the music's biggest strength or its biggest weakness depending on one's affinity for shoegaze strumming singularity. From this listener's perspective, the songs wield a more convincing and interesting presence when allowed to stand on their own as discrete listening experiences. Insert any number of these tunes into a film to provide background or transitional mood to a scene and its immediately obvious where this music would have its greatest emotional effect. As it stands, A Fire is Meant for Burning wafts just enough air across the embers to keep them aglow, but it hasn't got the fuel to produce a flame. [Silber]

-Mike Trouchon

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