Trivium CD review by Peter Larson

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Trivium CD review by Peter Larson
Jun 14, 2007, 05:02

Trivium - The Crusade

TRIVIUM The Crusade CD

So what? While this fodder might make great background music for a shopping experience at Hot Topic, great metal does this not make. Trivium blow their wad on the first track, the aptly titled “Ignition” which, I assume is intended to get us ready to be floored. Sadly, ”Ignition” is the closest the band comes to being innovative which leaves the rest of the record, with its weird half-step harmony breaks and much little else to show in terms of originality. And while The Crusade might be playable at your church function or in your girlfriend's car, it is sophomoric at best. Your church's youth leader might marvel at Trivium's schizophrenic hopscotch through Metallica's first 3 records, jumping back and forth between Hetfield and the latest Breaking Benjamin record, but, honestly, anyone over the age of 15 is going to be put to sleep by this crap. [Roadrunner]

-Peter Larson


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