Nothing People 7" EP review [S-s Records]

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Nothing People 7" EP review [S-s Records]
Jun 15, 2007, 08:41



Orland, California's Nothing People are 2007's best kept secret, though I suspect they will not remain so very long. Opening this four-song single is “Twinkie Defense” which pairs Iggy-style vocals with a very tone-conscious twin guitar attack that flanges unnervingly throughout like a seasick Space Ritual. The next two tracks slow things down a bit and both sound like Richard Hell sans pretentious junkie-isms, before “I Can't Find A Monkey” closes the show, bringing back the three-chord destruction. The song only lets up during a brief middle section that sounds like the entire band encountered a great spontaneous acid flashback before launching back into the riff. Get ready for the blog weenies to start throwing the phrase ‘psych punk' around. It starts here. [Ss Records]

-James Jackson Toth

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