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Marilyn Manson CD review [Interscope]
Jul 10, 2007, 07:46



Dear Marilyn-

The lyrics are pretty much a problem. “I love you, so much you must kill me now.” Really, M, have you lost your mind? This shit from “If I Were Your Vampire” is ssoooo 1996 Antichrist Superstar. That was a good CD, tho—really dug “Man That You Fear,” and I don't even like Nine Inch Nails. But despite the dumbed down lyrics, Eat Me, Drink Me, is a nice time out for you. I know there has been some shit goin' down in your life—dumping the delicious stripper wife, Dita Von Teese, for delicious teenager, Evan Rachel Wood, your continued habit of woofing down the most primo of blow in baños all over LA, and STILL not being able to talk Dave Navarro into playing in your band—but you managed to put some rather traditional music to your oh-so frightening lyrics. And it works for these reasons:

  • The 55-second solo on “Putting Holes in Happiness” is one of the best in the biz since the licks in “Whole Lotta Love,” or maybe “Snowblind.”
  • The Bowie sway to “Just a Car Crash Away” is inspiring me to listen to “Rock and Roll Suicide” for the first time in years.
  •  The lead into “Heart Shaped Glasses” is right out of the 70s, and I'm thinking Moxy or even Mahogany Rush.

In fact, your right-hand man, producer/guitarist/fellow animal Tim Skold is actually the guy who wrote and directed a lot of this, I understand. Yes, I am paying off the wait staff at The Ivy. And it's all good—Skold's guitar drives this CD, not your sorry ruminating about how sad it can be tapping the nation's prime muff. These simple guitar slabs, notes and riffs ensure this is one of the better guitar albums since Surgery's Shimmer. Let me know if you need a copy. I have a spare. But your problems scare me. Okay, so hold on, let me dig into these lyrics a little more.

“I kill myself in small amounts”—Jesus, even after all this praise, now we really have to think about calling this whole thing off. Remember, This is Spinal Tap was making fun of predictable nut jobs playing a form of music whose audience approves of musicians dressed as Conan the Barbarian donning Heather Locklear locks. You are a smart guy, so you don't have to resort to inanity to be a scary, scary man. Although it's done wonders for very, very scary “man” Gary Glitter. He's much more creepy than you'll ever be. Sorry.

Remember when we were both at Glen Oak High School class of '87 (Go Golden Eagles)? Neither do I, since I went to school in Michigan. Just messing with ya.

Anyway, you and Tim made a great album here, despite your fascination with being weird while coming off as like a 21st Century version of that old hippy at the Speedway gas-up who still talks about “peace.” Whatever that is. [Interscope]


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