Hint Hint CD reviewed by Daniel House

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Hint Hint CD reviewed by Daniel House
Sep 4, 2007, 04:41

Hint Hint - Young Days


This is one of those records that immediately seems like “this would be an amazing band to see live.” To date, I have yet to do so, nor do I want to. I am so damned tired of all of these indie-disco, 80's throwback bands, who reference Gang of Four, Wire, XTC, and similar ilk, but do it with such a lack of originality, that they are ultimately pale, washed out imitations, ultimately offering up more of an insult than an homage.

One quality that sets Hint Hint apart from the other bands revamping the 80's with a similar lack of reverence is their seeming penchant for darkwave (a nod to The Cure I suppose), but on Young Days they come off so precious and self-important that it's hard to take them seriously. Singer, Peter Quick is one of those overwrought, melodramatic types who took all of the wrong lessons from Mr. Lydon, and has somehow managed to only retain the nasal whine, but without any of the sincerity, snotty charm or acerbic wit. [Suicide Squeeze]

~Daniel House

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