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The Mountain Goats CD reviewed by Earnest Drudge
Oct 8, 2007, 16:21

The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely


It's been said that Get Lonely takes place in the aftermath of The Sunset Tree; a Mountain Goats record that addressed the relationship between head Goat John Darnielle and his abusive stepfather. On the more direct songs on Get Lonely, “Half Dead,” “Get Lonely” and “Woke Up New,” the singer laments a loss of something or someone. Listening to the record in its entirety the void that engulfs Get Lonely becomes large and lasting. The lyrics are composed, precise narratives that take place mostly as a person performs their morning routine. Familiarity with emptiness is part of this person's nature and jarring details are not needed as a reminder of this.

Sparse instrumentation suits the subject well. Most of the time Darnielle's guitar strumming paces like a person who can only move about by consciously forcing themselves to put one foot in front of the other; on a direct path. one step at a time. Strength comes from habit and relief comes from instrumentation provided by guitarist Franklin Bruno, percussionist Corey Fogel and cellist Erik Friedlander.

Get Lonely may be a downer of a record but it's not as bleak as it would have been if John Darnielle were not such an observant lyricist. [4AD]

-Earnest Drudge

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